Prop 65

Pre-Exposure Notice

The State of California provides notices to consumers that building materials off gas chemicals that are harmful to our health, and may cause cancer and other reproductive harm. Download the Pre-Exposure Notice below for examples of such notices and where to obtain additional information.

Our CEO, Bill Hayward has been researching chemical exposures in homes since 2012 in order to provide information to homeowners about options to reduce the impact of these exposures. The Hayward Healthy Home Protocol provides alternatives to traditional construction that are healthier and more energy efficient.

When building a home there are many choices in building materials, so we want to help you build a healthier home.

Step 1 – Insist that your new home have Fresh Air Ventilation System

The single most important thing you can do to make your home healthier is to add a fresh air ventilation system. Surprisingly, traditionally built homes don’t come with fresh air. If you want it, you have to ask for it. When you have a balanced, continuously operating Fresh Air system it filters the air in your home and removes stale air leaving your home with reduced odor and indoor air pollutants. This is particularly important given that 68% of Americans don’t like the way their homes smell or get sick when they are home.

Step 2 – Use Less Toxic Building Materials

Focus on the products that cover the majority of the surface spaces in your house. The most important decisions you can make to minimize the off-gassing of harmful chemicals are:

  • Use Plywood instead of Oriented Strand Board
  • Eliminate particle board in cabinets, moldings and flooring
  • Minimize wall to wall carpet, instead opting for cleanable surfaces
  • Don’t use foam insulation

Step 3 – Preoccupancy Deep Dust Removal

Construction dust holds the entire record of all the chemical released during the entire process of construction. If not done properly, construction dust can expose homeowners to the harmful chemicals in the materials used during construction of the home.

For more information visit the State of California Prop 65 Warning Website.