Buena Tool

Hayward Lumber Purchases Buena Tool

Buena Tool Powered by Hayward Lumber

Hayward Lumber is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Buena Tool Company in Santa Barbara, CA. Hayward Lumber has been part of the Santa Barbara community since the company purchased County Lumber back in 2000. Currently, Hayward Lumber and Buena Tool are business neighbors on Laguna Street.

“We’re excited to have Buena Tool and their employees be part of the Hayward Lumber family. Our company has grown up on the Central Coast and we are proud to be a part of its history” states fourth-generation owner Bill Hayward, current CEO, and Chief Innovation Officer. “My great grandfather understood customer service. He said to treat your customers right and they will always come back.”

Buena Tool and their dedicated staff have been taking care of customers in Santa Barbara since 1975 and that legacy of service will continue on. Customer satisfaction is Hayward’s number one priority and that will never change.

If you are a Buena Tool or Hayward Lumber Account Customer, please go to www.haywardlumber.com/accounts for account information and how to set up account privileges at Buena Tool by Hayward Lumber, or click on the link below.