At Hayward, Builders Are “Our People”

Providing extraordinary support to builders is at the core of everything we do.

We know that time is money and our goal is to save our builders time. Starting with expert sales representatives who are passionate about delivering the best customer service, Hayward’s entire team is dedicated to getting builders in and out the door in as little time as possible with the right products for the job and on-time, as-promised delivery directly to jobsites. Hayward also uses the latest technology, combined with the most innovative ideas in building science, to enable builders to build better, faster, and more efficiently.

The Best Products

Hayward partners with most major brand manufacturers to provide a wide variety of door, window, hardware, cabinet and floor options. Through Hayward’s centralized buying program, builders can take advantage of the company’s national buying power to save money and add more to their bottom line. Through established relationships with trusted national suppliers, you can rely on Hayward to have the products and quantities you need at prices that work for your budget.

Hayward is a one-stop shop for building materials. Our expert staff can help you select the best product for your project – from FSC lumber and plywood to  doors, windows, FSC trusses, cabinets, JobPack Fast Floor Framing Systems, EnviroSmart environmentally preferred products, and much more.

The Best Support Services

Our first priority is to support you – and that means deliveries that are on-time and complete, every time. Keeping your job on schedule minimizes lost time and costly overruns.

Hayward offers a variety of other support services that save time and money. Hayward’s expert staff is trained to identify and solve a variety of building-related challenges – from designing complex floor and roof systems to coordinating custom millwork – and to work closely with builders, architects, and homeowners to ensure that the final result satisfies everyone involved. Click on the following services to learn more about how Hayward supports its customers.

Jobsite Deliveries

The Hayward delivery program provides service that is second to none. We promise on-time and complete delivery, as well as accurate load content, correct packaging of material and job site placement, and accurate invoicing.

Builder Continuing Education

It’s important to stay on top of building trends, advances in building science and other industry information. Hayward supports customers with educational events, product demos, training opportunities on a wide variety of relevant topics. Visit the Hayward Lumber YouTube channel to see the complete list of videos and check our calendar for event information.

Product Sales & Expertise

Hayward has what it takes to get your job done, on time and on budget. We are a comprehensive source for high-quality wood, vinyl and aluminum windows; wood and wood composite interior doors; wood, steel, wood composite, and fiberglass exterior door; foundation steel; specialty millwork; and much more. In addition, we offer a wide range of customer support services including product consultation, estimating, engineering services, truss manufacturing, and jobsite deliveries.

Truss & Fast Floor Structural Design

Hayward’s expert truss designers work closely with builders and homeowners to convert ideas and drawings into precision-engineered roof trusses. They consider the size of the building, the number of occupants, the shape and span of the truss, how the truss will be supported, the type of roof construction and ceiling type, and the loads on the truss as part of the process.

Resources for Builders

Minimizing Construction Defect Liability

Scott Chaplan, Founding Partner at Greene, Fidler & Chaplan, LLP, talks about steps builders should take to minimize their construction defect liability. Scott addresses insurance, contracts, and other critical issues. Scott has over 20 years experience in construction defect litigation.

Hayward Healthy Home Principles and Products

Bill Hayward discusses the principles that were used to build the first Hayward Healthy Home and how the products were evaluated for toxicity before they were used to build the home.

Hayward Lumber Fire Resilience

Hayward Lumber Expert Series dives into Fire Resistance best practices, and new technology within Building Science.