Clean Classroom Air For Our Children

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Since the founding of the company in 1919 we have always given back to he communities we serve.  Its just part of how a family business rolls.  We live in our communities and we care.  I am grateful that our industry was not shut down during the Pandemic and out of that gratitude I found a new and meaningful way for the Hayward Team to give back.
Before COVID began, we knew the best practices to make our indoor air as safe as being outdoors and we installed the systems in our locations.  Now the classrooms and schools in our community need help to implement these same best practices.  Working with our national experts we created the CleanClassroomAir Video to teach schools, administrators and parents the national standard for appropriately ventilating classrooms.  If you follow my lead and take time to share the videos with the schools that you know and that your children attend you will find gratitude.  They are scrambling to figure out what to do to make the schools safer.  When they view the videos the solution becomes clear and affordable.
I ask that you watch the videos and look at the website.  If you feel like you would be doing some good to share them with the school systems your children and our builders children attend please do so.
Here is what to watch and share:

  • – The website that tells the story.
  • The CleanClassroomAir Video (25Min).  The video below teaches two case studies on how to appropriately implement ventilation in two Monterey County Classrooms.  It’s also available on
  • In 120 seconds kids teach adults how to build a DIY Air Filter for under $100 – This DIY Air filter concept was created so all schools could afford to build an engineered and effective air filter for their classrooms.  Grass root efforts are taking place around the country to build them #CorsiRosenthalbox .  This video was filmed and produced by my 9 & 14 year old daughters.

Lets help our children breathe healthy air.  Ultimately, as schools implement healthy indoor air, they will experience fewer sick days, less need for substitute teachers and greater learning outcomes which also lead to higher daily average attendance income for the schools.  What’s not to like about that.  
After having kids home during COVID, I have a much deeper appreciation for our schools and our teachers.
Let’s share our knowledge and help our schools

-Bill Hayward