A router is used to cut a decorative profile on the edge of a board. The router bit has cutting edges in the shape of the profile and spins very rapidly to transfer the shape to the board. Hayward carries a variety of routers as well as router bits from Freud. Stop in and speak to a knowledgeable Hayward salesperson about which router is best for your needs.

Fixed-base routers: On a fixed-base router, the base is set and locked at the correct cutting depth. These tools are generally less expensive than but not as versatile as plunge routers.

Laminate trimmers: These small agile routers were designed originally for trimming the edges of countertop laminate. They still perform that function but can create small-relief profiles as well. Most laminate trimmers have a fixed base.

Plunge routers: With a plunge router, the base is spring loaded so that the tool can be started with the bit away from the work. When the router is spinning full speed, the bit is plunged down to a pre-set cutting depth. Plunge cut routers can also be locked into a fixed position.

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