Collated Nails

Hayward offers a full line of Halsteel® collated gun nails.  Through many years of innovation, the Halsteel® production process has made the best, most consistent, high quality gun nails in the world.  Hayward sells plastic and paper collated nails in all sizes that fit most nail guns in today’s market., including smooth, ring and screw shank, with coatings that include bright, bright hardware, vinyl, electro-galvanzed, hot dipped galvanized and stainless steel.  Some of the benefits of Halsteel® gun nails include

  • Virgin plastic collation process that eliminates misfires (as opposed to recycled plastic which may contain imperfections.)
  • Nail points that are consistent in measurement and guaranteed to penetrate under correct usage.
  • Two strips can be loaded into the nail gun magazine and will not cause jams.
  • Nails are tested to optimize performance and made in the USA.

Hayward also sells other brands of collated nails, with many of the same benefits as the Halsteel® brand.

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