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Concrete Mixes for Most Any Application
All concrete is not created equal. Hayward offers a variety of concrete mixes for most any application including creating countertops, setting fence posts, anchoring poles, pouring slabs, walkways or footings.

High Strength Concrete Mix
In addition to a general purpose high strength concrete mix, Hayward offers a number of specialty concrete mixes. These are ideal for structural applications that demand high compressive strengths such as slabs that will subjected to heavy loads, commercial traffic or warehouses subjected to forklift traffic. Hayward also supplies concrete for use in concrete countertops where additional strength is required, as well as applications subjected to excessive movement or vibration.

Fast Setting Concrete Mix
If your application requires quick return to service, Hayward sells a fast setting concrete mix. This product combines the convenience of high strength concrete mix with a set time of just 30 minutes. Simply pour the product in the hole, add water and you’re ready to install fence posts. Since this is a fast setting concrete mix, you can hang fence the same day you install the posts.

Lightweight Concrete Mix
Looking for lightweight concrete mixes? Hayward offers a lightweight aggregate for fence posts and other light duty applications.

High-yield Concrete Mix
Hayward also offers a high-yield concrete ideal for reducing the number of bags needed to complete a job. An 80 lb. bag yields 60 percent more volume than any other standard 80 lb. concrete mix. A job that would require 40 bags of regular concrete would only require 24 bags of a high yield mix. No matter the application, Hayward offers a wide selection of quality, consistent concrete mixes to suit your needs.

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