Moulding & Millwork

Hayward offers a wide selection of moulding and millwork for enhancing interior living spaces. Hayward stocks base mouldings, which are used to conceal uneven floor and wall junctures as well as hide the ½” expansion joint which should be left around the entire perimeter of the wood floor.

Historically, the term millwork applied to building elements made specifically from wood. During the “Golden Age” of millworking (1880–1910), virtually everything in the house was made from wood. Today, the increase in the use of synthetic materials has led many professionals to consider any item that is composed of a combination of wood and synthetic elements to also be properly defined as millwork. This includes products that make use of pressed-wood chips in the design, such as melamine coated shelving.

Hayward’s goal is to help simplify the millwork selection process. While choosing a crown moulding can be simple, finding matching base and casings can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming. Hayward knows which combinations have been used by some of finest craftsmen available to completely transform the look and feel of a home or office environment.

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