Casements & Awnings

Casements are windows that open by swinging inward or outward from one side of the window. Awnings open by swinging inward or outward from the top or bottom of the window. Casements and awnings offer convenience and plenty of daylight, and come in a variety of configurations, shapes and sizes. Typically, casements open and close either with a crank or by pushing. Many casements can be ordered with retractable screens that roll up and virtually disappear when not being used. Depending on the location, direction the window faces, and the desired level of energy efficiency, a variety of double and triple pane glass options are typically available.

Awnings provide outstanding ventilation, and they may be left open in a light rain if they open from the bottom. They may be stacked and mulled for a wall of windows, or they may be used along with large, inoperable picture windows to provide a ventilation option without obstructing a beautiful view.

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