Skylights provide a number of benefits, including energy efficiency, extra daylight, potential energy savings, ventilation and privacy.

Energy Efficiency
Skylights cut down on the earth’s emissions and the need for electric lighting naturally. Using daylight not only reduces energy costs and consumption, but also reduces the demand for unsustainable power that is currently challenging the health of the world’s environment.

Optimal Daylight
People are often looking for homes with a lot of light, because by age 60, they require two-to-three times more light to see. Skylights help balance the light in the room, reducing glare and transforming living areas in more open, safer spaces. While conventional incandescent bulbs create an unnatural yellow glow, skylights bring bright, white, healthy daylight into room.

Save Money
Skylights may lower energy bills and create potential tax advantages and credits by installing ENERGY STAR® qualified products. High quality, energy efficient skylights are an important part of building today’s green homes. Venting skylights minimize the need for air conditioners and fans during warmer months.

An electric venting skylight will open to produce a “passive air conditioner.” They create a “chimney” or exhaust effect. drawing warm air up through the venting skylight, providing a cooling effect and fresh air throughout the house.

Homes are being built closer to one another and the balance of providing sufficient natural light and privacy has become an issue. Light from above through skylights in a bathroom provides both privacy and light.

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