Interior Doors

Beautiful doors can have a dramatic effect on the look of a room and affect a home’s style. An interior door is a vital part of a house, and considerations include style, materials, soundproofing and door swing. The size of the door should fit the size of the room: a massive and ornate door may overpower a small room.

Choose between a right-hand or left-hand door swing when ordering or customizing a door. This will determine the location of the hinges and handles and how the door swings when it opens and closes. If the door has a handle on the right as it opens towards you, it is a right hand swing door. In deciding between a right hand and left hand door swing, keep in mind that, In general, a door should never open into a hall or corridor.
The next step is choosing between a pre-hung door and a slab door. A pro-hung door comes mounted in a frame with its hinges attached to the doorjamb. A slab door comes just as the door itself and requires installing hinges and the door frame.

Framing a door incorrectly can quickly detract from the value of a beautiful and expensive door. Using cheap framing materials or construction shortcuts can often lead to damage on the door, and can cost more in the long run. Make sure to follow instructions carefully, or hire help when framing a new interior door.

The door’s composition will affect its sound transmission qualities. An Interior door with a high STC (sound transmission class), which measures the amount of sound loss thought the door, allows less sound will pass through the door than one with a low STC. An STC rating of 60 or more should be almost entirely soundproof.

In addition to interior doors that are essentially carved slabs, interior doors can also be sliding doors, pocket doors and folding doors Sliding doors and folding doors are typically used in closets, laundry rooms, pantries and other small spaces. Pocket doors, which are common in historic homes, allow two rooms to be combined or separated at the occupants’ discretion, sliding into the wall and disappearing when opened.

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