Entry/Front Doors

A beautiful entry door gives visitors their first impressions of your home and adds to a house’s curb appeal. Thus it’s important to select a door that enhances your home’s overall architecture while signaling your distinctive style. You should also think about how the entry door will look from the inside. Are the proportions in scale with your foyer? Does the entry system let in enough light? Should transoms and sidelights be included, and if so, what sort of glass should be used? And since entry doors provide security and noise-abatement as well, they should be strong, well-framed, and solidly constructed. These are the types of considerations that Hayward customer assistants are glad to discuss with you so you can choose the perfect entry door for your home.

Hardwood is the classic material for exterior doors, as its rich, substantial appearance conveys warmth and elegance. The wide variety of available woods, ranging from tropical exotics to domestic hardwoods, along with the ability to add hand-carved details, make wood the most sought-after material for custom and semi-custom entry doors. Today’s manufacturing advances have greatly improved the durability and weather-resistance of premium wood doors, plus accompanying sidelights and transoms, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for sturdiness and safety. Your vision and Hayward’s expertise: the right combination for creating the ideal door.

Fiberglass exterior doors are quickly growing in popularity. They offer superior durability in nearly any climate, as they will not warp, rot, crack, or split, and they are virtually maintenance-free. Further, fiberglass doors are now available in beautiful woodgrain finishes such as oak, mahogany, and alder as well as in an unlimited number of paint finishes. And for projects for which door security and strength are paramount, steel doors remain the preferred option. The Hayward staff looks forward to advising you on which fiberglass or steel exterior doors will best meet your needs.

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