Through years of innovation and manufacturing technology Unilux has become the market leader for wood windows in Europe. Unilux is proud to exhibit is state of the art engineering techniques developed over decades by its hard working people. Its vast product line is designed to complement any type of building, from windows and doors for a custom home to the façade of an office complex.  Unilux make these products en masse, accessible to all at a competitive price.

Unilux is Europe’s largest window and door manufacturer, located in Salmtal Germany, offering FSC certified wood species as a standard on all their wood products. Unilux also makes some of the most energy efficient products on the market today, with UltraTherm, their patented insulated sash and frame product.  Unilux’s standard 2-1/4″ sash thickness produces some of the highest R values and lowest U values on any all wood or wood/clad product in the market today. Unilux is for that serious client with that very special residential or commercial project.