marklaliberte_picture2Spotlight on Mark LaLiberte: Using Building Science to Build Better Buildings

We are very excited to announce that Mark LaLiberte will be speaking at the 2016 Builder Expo on January 15. Mark is a renowned speaker and teacher whose work in building science has had a significant positive impact on the industry. His expertise includes health and safety, durability, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

Mark is passionate about building safe, healthy, and durable homes. As many of us know, the quality of a home has an effect on the builder, the buyer, the economy, and even the planet. Mark travels extensively to share his expertise with others, speaking to over 8000 people annually at consulting and training sessions nationwide. To learn a bit more about Mark’s perspective on high performance homes, check out his notes from a previous presentation:

Mark has over 20 years in the homebuilding industry and has taught numerous companies how to create more environmentally sustainable homes. He began is career in the building industry framing houses and went on to earn his Solar Engineering degree from The Red Wing Energy Education Center. He worked as an engineer for Solarium Systems designing passive solar enclosures and he was a founder of Shelter Supply. He was also the founder of Building Knowledge and created the content for the building science video series “Building Better Homes”. Our Builder EXPO offers a rare opportunity to hear Mark live.

His customers come from a wide array of industries and professions, including utilities, Trade Associations, HBA’s, builders, architects, and government agencies. Mark is committed to making the residential building industry safer for both people and the environment and been an active spokesman for this cause for many years.

At Expo, Mark will speak on the topic: “High Performance Building Practices You Should Adopt and How to Sell Them to Your Customers.” His presentation will cover:

• How changes in home design, building materials, mechanical systems, and consumer lifestyles and expectations inevitably involve the use of high performance products, processes, and techniques;
• How high performance practices can be introduced into the sales process; and
• What terminology best communicates the value of high performance products and home builders to home owners.

Mark’s presentations often come at a steep ticket price. Hayward believes that this valuable information should be made available to everyone and has made the Builder Expo free of charge. We sincerely hope you come to this year’s Builder Expo on January 15, 2016 at the Madonna Inn (100 Madonna Road, San Luis Obispo, 93405).

Stop by the Expo at 2:15 PM to hear Mark’s insightful and educating presentation!