Specialty Power Tools

Special jobs require special tools. Over the last several years the power tool industry has made great strides in power tool technology. The results have been technologically advanced tools that can handle your most demanding projects and perform a multitude of functions. Hayward carries the latest and most up-to-date power tools from the most popular names in the industry.

Here are some of the specialty power tools that Hayward carries:

Angle Grinders: Angle grinders are corded tools that work with an abrasive disc attached to an arbor. Grinders come according to the diameter of the discs they take. Hayward carries a wide variety of discs for many different purposes from polishing to abrading, and discs are available that turn a grinder into a cutting machine.

Cement shears: One of the cleanest most efficient ways to cut cement siding is with cement shears that work like heavy duty scissors. Unlike sawing, cement shears keep dust to a minimum.

Estimating Tools: Calculated Industries Inc. offers a variety of portable calculators designed for the specific needs of builders, contractors, and architects. These amazing machines can solve board feet and material estimation, provide quick linear, area, and volume calculations… and much, much more.

Heat guns: Heat guns direct a stream of very hot air onto a surface. They can be used for stripping finishes as well as for raising the surface temperature to help in operations such as glue curing.

Jigs: Hayward offers pocket hole jigs. Along with innovative jigs, clamps and screws, Hayward has many other tools that aid the woodworker. It a jig is not stocked at Hayward, it may be special ordered anytime.

Job-Site Radios: No work site is complete without a radio, and manufacturers have packaged radios in a heavy duty case and equipped them with accessories such as battery chargers for cordless tools.

Lasers and Levels: The level and a pencil are among the basic tools of all craftsmen.  Hayward offers a variety of level choices to make work easier.  Stabila has been around for 200 years making the best quality levels and jobsite lasers. Hayward has an assortment of levels, lasers and distance measuring devices to help you save time and money on the job, as well as turn a 2 or 3 person job into a 1 person job.

Planers: Planes have been around for centuries, and planers are the next evolution of this handy tool. Planers can be either bench top or hand held. Bench top planers are have a wider capacity for surfacing boards, while hand-held planers are most often used to dress the edges of boards and doors. Hayward carries thickness planers from DeWalt and hand-held planers from Festool and Makita.

Plate Joiners: Also known as biscuit joiners, these tools create perfectly aligned slots in pieces being glued together. A plate or biscuit fits into the slot reinforcing the glued joint. Hayward carries plate joiners from Freud and Porter Cable, as well as Festool’s Domino Joining system that works on the same principle only with a different shaped joining implement.

Vacuums: Dust control in shops and on job sites is very important for both cleanliness and safety, and Hayward sells shop vacs to do the job. Many of today’s power tools are equipped with dust collection ports that can be attached directly a vacuum. Additionally some vacuums have switched plugs so that the vacuum comes on automatically when the tool is turned on. Hayward carries the DeWalt cordless vacuum as well as vacuums by Fein, Festool, and Porter Cable.

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