Sanders use either abrasive belts or discs to smooth or abrade surfaces. Hayward carries a variety sanders as well as discs and belts in a wide selection of grits for all of your sanding requirements. Many sanders are equipped with dust collectors or devices to attach the sander to a dust collection system.

Belt Sanders: Belt sanders are the most aggressive of the sanders. Their size is determined by the width and length of the belts they use. The most common sizes are 3-in. x 21-in. and 4-in. by 24-in.

Orbital Sanders: Orbital sanders use sanding discs attached to their bases. Discs can attach with either adhesive or a hook and loop system. The disc rotates in a circular motion while the base spins in an orbital fashion around the center point of the disc. Some orbital sanders have holes in the base and use discs with corresponding holes for extracting dust.

Vibrator Sanders: Vibrator sanders use a section of a standard sheet of sand paper that is attached to the base of the sander. The base of the sander vibrates to remove material. Bases are either square or oblong:  the sanders that have a square base are designed to be used with one hand and are also known as palm sanders.

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