Pneumatic Nailers

Pneumatic nailers use compressed air to power the tools. For the last few decades, they have been a mainstay in shops and on job sites all across the country. Pneumatic nailers have been developed for every phase of construction from framing and sheathing to roofing and finishing. Pneumatic nailers have very specific requirements for their fastener arrangements. Fastener magazines can be configured as either coils or sticks. Coil magazines hold many more fasteners without reloading. Stick magazines come either as straight or diagonal configuration, and the collation (the way the nails are attached to each other) can be paper, plastic or wire depending on the brand. Hayward carries a variety of nailers from manufacturers like Hitachi, as well as the fasteners for each of those nailers.

Finish Nailers: Also known as trim nailers, these tools drive nails mainly for attaching trim and doing finish work. Finish nailers can be either straight or angled, and these nailers drive different gauge nails in different lengths. Nails for finish nailers come in stick collation. They don’t take a lot of air to operate, so smaller, more portable compressors work fine.

Brad Nailers: Brad nailers fire very small brad nails for finish work. These nailers work well with small compressors

Siding Nailers: Siding nailers come in both stick and coil collation and shoot nails suitable for siding and decking. Siding nails, while smaller than framing nails, still work best with a large compressor.

Framing Nailers: Most framing nailers are the stick variety and can drive framing nails of varying lengths. Framing nailers run on full round head nails or offset clipped head nails. These nailers take a lot of air to run them, so they work better with larger volume compressors.

Positive Placement Nailers: Metal connectors are used on virtually every jobsite these days, and code often requires connectors in strategic places. Positive placement nailers streamline the arduous task of installing metal connectors. The tip of the nail is actually placed in the nail hole of the metal connector before the nailer is fired. These nailers use nails designed especially for metal connectors. Palm nailers can also be used for this task.

Roofing Nailers: Pneumatic roofing nailers are exclusively coil collations. They drive roofing nails in a variety of lengths. Roofing nailers use a lot of air and should be used with larger volume compressors.

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