Mythic Paint

Hayward stocks Mythic Paint and Primer, non-toxic, ultra-low odor paints and primers that provide the durability and coverage expected from a premium paint without the off-gassing VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and cancer-causing toxins that emit years after drying. Mythic is a stronger, safer, smarter paint® that’s also a breath of fresh air.

Mythic primer is a bonding primer that adheres to interior and exterior surfaces. It can also be used as a stain blocker and applied direct to metal. It is a low-odor primer that provides excellent coverage and superior adhesion, is spatter resistant and is crystalline silica free. Hayward sells Mythic interior/exterior and drywall primers, and all Mythic primers have zero VOC’s and zero carcinogens in their formulation.

Hayward offers flat, eggshell, semi-gloss and high gloss Mythic Paints. The flat paint is a premium quality, ultra-low sheen paint that is ideal for use on interior walls where a tough, durable, high hiding flat finish is desired, such as bedrooms, dining rooms, formal living rooms and ceilings. Mythic interior latex eggshell is the best-selling Mythic interior paint. It is a premium quality coating designed for previously painted or primed plaster, wallboard, masonry and wallpapered surfaces, such as office buildings, hotel rooms and corridors, nursing homes and many other enclosed spaces. On interior walls where a tough, washable semi-gloss finish is desired, such as kitchens, bathrooms, utility areas, closet doors and wood trim, Hayward recommends Mythic 100% acrylic semi-gloss enamel paint.

Mythic Paint is a zero-VOC, Zero-carcinogenic, premium quality line of latex paints. Mythic provides and requires a Zero-VOC colorant system that maintains zero-VOCs and provides bright and beautiful colors.

Some VOCs are greenhouse gases and therefore contribute to global warming and others are just plain bad for your health. The EPA has found concentrations of VOCs in indoor air to be 2 to 5 times greater than in outdoor air due to paint and other products. Carcinogens and VOC’s emitted by high solvent containing paints have been linked to a variety of health effects including eye, nose and throat irritation; dizziness; liver, kidney and central nervous system damage and even cancer.

Mythic paint has outstanding performance. In 2007 an industry leading, independent consulting and testing laboratory service, performed side-by-side comparative tests between Mythic paint and other leading paint brands – both their eco-friendly and premium lines. Tests focused on subjective performance including thickness, sheen, sag resistance, flow and leveling and gloss found Mythic Paint to be equal if not better than competitors. Then they tested for resistance and durability with the ‘Scrub Test’ – the industry’s gold standard in paint performance testing. Mythic Paint substantially outperformed in these tests by 1.5 to 8 times the durability of the competitors.

Mythic Paint comes in a 1,232-color palette in both interior and exterior finishes. A flat finish is ideal for hiding minor surface imperfections. An eggshell finish has a rich and velvety look and is easy to clean. A semi-gloss finish is widely used on wood trim and in high moisture areas and to provide decorative contrast.

When properly stored, unopened Mythic paints have a shelf life of at least two years. Because Mythic paint does not contain toxic fungicides, it is subject to microbial contamination if painting tools are dipped directly into the paint can. Hayward recommends pouring the required amount of paint out into a separate container and immediately resealing the paint can for storage in a cool, dry place.

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