By offering a full range of hand-carved wood corbels, drops, appliques and ornaments in a wide range of species, in addition to high quality mouldings, Hayward makes it possible to customize each project by adding a few special details. A home should be a reflection of a life­style, for which anything from old world renaissance to traditional style may be appropriate.

 Millwork does not have to necessarily be built-in to a structure. It can be a free-standing piece such as a rolling kitchen island.  It can be either stock (“off-the-shelf”), semi-custom, or custom.  There is also exterior millwork which is not part of the interior of a building.  It can include exterior trim and balusters and visual interest to the outside of a structure.

Since millwork is usually built-in to the structure, knowledge of other trades is critical.  For example when engineering a kitchen, it is essential to know plumbing and lighting locations and specifications before drawings are produced for approval, fabrication, and installation.  Information regarding framing, flooring, stone, tile, and audio visual equipment before the product can be fabricated.

Hayward supplies the materials to build homes and buildings that have the special decorative elements that make a home unique and different from all other homes and buildings.

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