Douglas Fir Dimensional Lumber

Premium Douglas Fir Dimensional Lumber

When architects and engineers look for the best in structural lumber, their first choice repeatedly is Douglas Fir.  It is dimensionally stable and universally recognized for its superior strength-to-weight ratio. Its high specific gravity provides excellent nail and plate-holding ability. The species also enjoys a documented superior performance against strong forces resulting from natural phenomena such as winds, storms and earthquakes. It is truly the ideal structural and general purpose wood for framing lumber in residential, light commercial, multi-story and industrial construction. Its physical working properties, as well as to the moderate durability of its heartwood and its excellent dimensional stability, provide the reasons many builders use Douglas Fir as the standard against which all other framing lumber is judged. It is also tight knotted and close-grained, adding the bonus of beauty to its structural capabilities.

Hayward currently operates four locations with rail sidings, which provides low cost, direct access to the finest lumber mills. Hayward has contracted with the premier lumber mills in North America to ensure a consistent supply of “premium” lumber at all of its locations. In fact, each year Hayward receives hundreds of rail cars of plywood, OSB, studs, pre-cuts and dimensional lumber shipped directly from the mill. This consistent and high quality lumber is noticeable to builders, architects and homeowners .

Premium Lumber has little to no wane and high strength, and it is straight and true.  It offers higher utilization, less waste and a lower labor cost on the job.  Hayward has an extensive inventory of premium lumber in all of its locations.


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