Hayward buys arched glulams, cambered glulams, and standard glulams from a variety of manufacturers, each purposese built to fit custom specifications. Glulams are used in floor headers, floor systems and many other places in buildings, based on specific engineering needs.

 Balanced Glulam Beams

These members feature symmetrical lumber quality to about mid height. Balanced beams are used in continuous-span and cantilevered applications where both top and bottom may be subject to flexural tension. They can also be used for single-span applications, though unbalanced beams are more efficient in this capacity.



Unbalanced Glulam Beams

In terms of strength, the outer tension zone is the most critical section of a glulam beam. In unbalanced beams, the tension side has higher quality lamination than the compression side, allowing a more efficient and economical use of timber resources. To assure proper installation of unbalanced beams, the compression side is clearly stamped with the word “Top”. Unbalanced beams are intended primarily for simple span applications, but can be used in multi-span and cantilever applications.

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