Railings and Deck Accessories

Deck Railings are built in a variety of ways, usually from either wood or metal.  Most rails built from wood share a common set of components, as are metal rails. Hayward stocks both wood and cable rails for decks.

With wood railing, start with the posts, which are usually 4×4 posts, attached to the deck frame to provide the support for the rail.  Some composite systems require installation of a wood post that will be covered by a hollow sleeve. The posts must be long enough to project the railing at least three feet above the frame and must extend below the deck surface for attachment to the frame as a means of support.

One option is to use horizontal members running between the posts as top and bottom rails to create the frame for the infill. In wood decks 2×4’s are often used for this purpose.   The top rail must be at least three feet above the floor. The bottom rail is usually raised above the surface to allow a sweep space for snow and leaves, but it may not extend beyond 4” from the floor. A top cap may or may not be used. 2×6 boards laid flat work well and provide a level surface to place drinks. The infill section of rails is usually constructed of the repeated use of pickets or balusters. These can come in a number of materials, shapes, and sizes.

For cable rails, standard assemblies come in a wide range of standardized pre-cut lengths for easy ordering. Select assemblies that are slightly longer than needed and trim any excess in the field. Installation is typically fast and easy without field crimping.  Cable rails may be installed on new or existing wood or metal railing frames in exterior, interior, residential and commercial settings.

Hayward also offers a wide variety of deck accessories to complete any deck project.

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