Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles are the most common siding in the northeastern United States. Hayward stocks premium grade number one shingles in both red and white cedar in sizes from 16 in. to 24 in. Additionally some sizes are available as R&R (Rebutted and Rejoined). These shingles are cut square with parallel sides, making them easy and fast to install. Taller shingles with wider exposures need to be installed with backer board to ensure weatherproof coverage.

  • R&R Red Cedar
  • Primed R&R Red Cedar
  • Striated Red Cedar. Striated shingles have grooves milled into the face of the shingle to enhance their ability to shed water. Striated shingles are typically installed with a wide exposure.
  • Primed Striated Cedar
  • White Cedar
  • R&R White Cedar
  • R&R White Cedar with bleaching oil
  • R&R White Cedar with gray stain
  • Maibec White Cedar
  • Fancy cut shingles–rounded to create a fish-scale pattern and texture
  • Undercourse shingles
  • Shingle backerboard

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