Brushes and Rollers

Paint brushes have been around for many centuries; the brushes we use for painting walls are basically large versions of the traditional artist’s brush. But the paint roller was invented rather recently, in 1940, and paint sprayers developed from technologies invented during World War II. The applicator we choose usually depends largely on the size of the job: brushes are best for precision work; rollers cover walls and ceilings quickly, but still allow control; sprayers are used in new construction interior painting, when a whole house needs to be painted quickly, and in much exterior work. The staff at Hayward can help you select the best applicator for your particular project.

Paint brushes are ideal for ‘cutting in’ — the careful work needed where a wall or ceiling abuts another surface — and for exterior and interior trim. Hayward stocks soft, firm, and extra-firm synthetic and natural bristle brushes in almost every conceivable shape and size, as well as disposable foam applicators for small jobs. Paint rollers are used for covering larger surface areas; considerations for choosing a roller cover include the surface to which the paint or stain will be applied (a deeper nap is needed for uneven or textured surfaces) and the type of paint or stain you’ll be using. Hayward associates are happy to answer your questions about choosing the right applicator, its proper use… even how best to clean it.

Hayward carries brushes and rollers from some of the best suppliers available.  Check with your local Hayward branch if you need a paint sprayer.

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