Crystal Cabinetry is family-owned, in business since 1947. Founded by a cabinetmaker, still owned and operated by a cabinetmaker.

Crystal’s strength lies in their extended family of true craftsman located in central Minnesota. They take great pride in their knowledgeable, hard-working people, who have learned the cabinetry trade over several decades and continue to pass the craft on to future generations. Crystal strives to work with only environmentally responsible components and sometimes, to create just the right machine or woodworking tool to produce their cabinetry.

Crystal cabinetry is constructed using the finest American made materials with value added custom options and features. Each custom and semi-custom cabinet is built one at a time. From shaping each piece of moulding, to routing the cabinet doors, and assembling each box, their state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, along with their skilled and dedicated crafts people, build durable, long-lasting, superior constructed cabinetry.

Crystal is a leader over other cabinet manufacturers in its persistent use of American made green materials in all of our products.

While the materials, technology and trends continue to change, Crystal’s commitment to excellence remains constant. Their purpose is to continue to craft the finest American made cabinetry, built with integrity, built with know-how and built with strength and durability to last a lifetime.

Crystal’s Idea Gallery: